High end kitchen renovations in Toronto
  • Improve function
  • Custom designs
  • Add comfort and luxury
  • Improve ventilation and heating
  • Easy maintenance
  • See our kitchen gallery

Kitchen Renovations

High end Kitchen Renovations in Toronto

Immaculate Construction specializes in high quality, high-end kitchen renovations. We use licensed trades who are professionals in each specific area. A licensed electrical contractor does the electrical work. A licensed plumber does the plumbing. Our millwork is manufactured by a custom cabinetmaker and professionals that just deal with that trade install the granite, marble and tiles.

If you are looking to upgrade an existing kitchen, gutting an existing kitchen, changing the entire layout or creating a whole new kitchen addition it is essential to do it right. A quality renovation of a kitchen adds value to your home and comfort and convenience to your family.

A custom kitchen with custom designed cabinets, Caesarstone, Firestone or granite counters with new built in appliances and updated fixtures not only adds style and function but allows you to take advantage of the more energy efficient appliances which not only look great but will save you money on your electrical bill.

View our gallery for creative kitchen ideas.

What a custom kitchen renovation will do for you?

  • Improve function
    create additional space by changing the existing layout and adding storage solutions.
  • Custom designs add comfort and luxury
    Adding new cabinets, appliances and fixtures add convenience, value and comfort. Adding a wine fridge, hood fan, pot lighting and built in appliances will make you want to cook.
  • Cleaner air quality
    Remove moisture and mould filled floors, drywall, doors and windows to avoid health issues
  • Improve ventilation and heating
    Inadequate heating, poor insulation and non-existing ventilation creates an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment.
  • Easy maintenance
    Installation of quality materials, grouts and silicones allows ease in cleaning.

    In Toronto call (416) 523 3488 to discuss your kitchen renovation project!


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